Does this sound like you?

I love what I do, but the unpredictability is frustrating.

I'm becoming more aware you can't deposit likes and hearts into a bank account.

Sponsorship dollars, building my brand, and promoting myself are crucial, yet I feel completely at a loss.

I have all these followers and Tik Tok videos are fun, but what direction do I go with this?

I've always been an extremely driven person who wanted to do something big with my life.

Then Athlete to Enterprise is for you

Thriving as an athlete and reaching your goals requires harnessing the business side of sport. Embracing an entrepreneur mindset means making smart decisions, investing in yourself, and building up assets. You don't need to be a national, world, or Olympic champion to grow an audience, make an impact, and get paid.

Succeeding in business is a lot like sport. It takes courage, stamina, and a sound strategy. Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming and the price can be high. Where you might not see value, others likely will.

Whether you're an amateur aspiring to turn pro or already a professional athlete, you'll prosper with these skills. Athlete to Enterprise has the power to change the trajectory of your athletic career and we’d be honored to work with you.

Who's the program for?

Athlete to Enterprise is for ambitious amateur, elite, and professional athletes who want to use the power of sport to build a meaningful and profitable personal brand. You'll learn how to:

See yourself as a values-driven business

Harness your unique strengths and identify as more than an athlete

Use your athletic career as a platform for good

Take charge of your destiny and invest in yourself

Earn what you're worth doing what you love

Grow a community of loyal, paying fans

Develop skills that will serve you for life

Connect meaningfully with your fans, sponsors, and followers

Give back in a way that works for you

What is Athlete to Enterprise?

Athlete to Enterprise is a 6 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches business and marketing skills to athletes who want to make more money and be a force for good.

As a professional athlete, you’re a business owner whether you run the business yourself or outsource it. No agent, sport governing body, or anyone else is supposed to care about your goals, dreams, and bank account as much as you do.

When you’re intimately involved and educated about all aspects of your sports career, you’ll not only know how to fish, you’ll feed yourself for a lifetime.

"There are many lessons sport teaches you as an athlete, no matter what level you compete at. There is one crucial missing link to success: how to make your pursuit of athletic excellence a career that pays. Every person has a unique journey to share. Learn how to harness the power of story by building your brand with the fantastic offerings from Athlete to Enterprise."


Clara Hughes, O.C., O.M.

6-time Olympic medalist
Team Canada
Speed Skating and Cycling

Everything is Online: No Travel Required

You can participate from home or away for training and competition. The course materials (videos and workbooks) are accessed anywhere in the world by logging into the member area.

Learn at your own pace

Go through the program each week as it's released or slow things down and work at your own pace.

If you're a student-athlete, working full or part-time, or simply riding the waves of life, don't worry. You'll have access to the course materials any time.

Here's the timing of the program

The live program is six weeks with the next round running in January 2023. I recommend spending four hours per week with the course materials and workbook exercises. Plus, there's a 60-minute group coaching call each week.

Course Breakdown

The Core Curriculum

There are six core modules, bonus trainings, plus an extensive tools and resources library to help you develop the skills to succeed as a modern athlete.

Module 1

Profit Plan

Map Your Profit Strategy for a Fulfilling Career in Sport and Beyond

Every successful athlete raises capital from their fans. Many sports do it through ticket sales, broadcasting rights, sponsorship, licensing, merchandise, among others. Capitalize on your unique strengths, clarify your financial vision, and sell directly to your fans. You'll learn how to:

Understand your numbers so you can focus on what moves the needle

Diversify your income and profit from a bigger pie

Generate creative athlete-specific offers your fans will eagerly pull their credit cards out for

Strengthen your personal brand to build trust and connect to a larger mission

Get clear on your deeper "why" and tap into the true power of sport

You'll have a clear revenue plan—as you grow and evolve as a person and athlete, your brand will, too.

Module 2


Create a Website That Becomes Your Sales Machine 24/7

Social media isn't enough. The purpose of a website is to build trust, convert leads, and make sales wherever you are. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive—it must convert browsers into raving, paying fans. In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Choose the right platform for your goals and skill set

Position yourself as a down to earth, accessible expert in your niche

Understand the framework of a high-converting website

No matter where you are in your career, your online presence can radiate excellence on and off the field while connecting with fans and sponsors.

Module 3


Design a Winning Communication Strategy

Content marketing is a must but it doesn't have to consume all your time or focus. Learn how to connect your passion to people, tell stories that sell, and round up a cheering squad for your biggest events. You'll also:

Learn the art and science of engaging copy

Get strategies on how to use digital channels as a tool rather than a distraction

Implement a content strategy, build a deeper connection with your audience and develop lasting relationships.

Module 4

Relationship Building

Leverage your notoriety and exposure to build life-long relationships

Email marketing is still the most powerful tool to create sales and influence, but most athletes aren't using it at all. In this module, you’ll learn how to grow your know, like, and trust with fans and potential sponsors and use the power of parallel audiences to elevate your brand. You’ll also:

Get 15 free list-building strategies to help you grow a high-quality fanbase

Learn how to be intentional about building your network

When you know how to communicate and connect with your audience over email, you’ll have an asset that you 100% own.

Module 5

Value Creation

Create and deliver value to your fans, sponsors, and supporters

The key to a successful life in sport and business is learning how to package and sell your passion to fans and sponsors. Learn how to enhance your brand by offering products and services fit for an athlete enterprise. In this module you’ll also:

Learn how to over-deliver in and out of competition

Get pricing and sales strategies to sell out of whatever you have to offer

Understand how to price, position, and deliver to create true die-hard fans who can’t wait to see you win.

Module 6

Sales & Marketing

Timeless marketing & sales strategies for modern athletes

Of all the skills you might have, the one that pays off better than any other is the ability to market and sell yourself. In this module you’ll learn how to uplevel your skills to inspire fans and sell with integrity and heart. Once you develop this capacity, you’ll know how to thrive no matter what you do. You’ll also:

Discover the disciplines of modern marketing

Learn how to negotiate and steer relationships

Set yourself up for continued growth and lifelong success with timeless marketing and sales skills.

Your tuition includes

Bonus Trainings!



Karen is the Managing Editor of Spectrum News in New York. She oversees a dozen anchors working with them on their on-air presence and delivery, teaching them how to select and develop story ideas and sharpen their interview skills. She's worked as an anchor and reporter in New York for over a decade and on assignment in Moscow, Russia.

Media Training with Karen Tararache

Tactics for Media Interviews, Public Speaking, Videos and More

Interviews with the media, booking public speaking gigs, or going live on Instagram can grow your fanbase enormously. This training will help you communicate your message confidently while building know, like and trust with your fans. You'll learn how to:

Build relationships with journalists and reporters

Give interviews that bring out the best in you

Navigate tricky situations so you come out on top

You'll get guidance and support along the way

Group Coaching Sessions

Every week for six weeks, we'll have 60-minute "office hours" meetings with yours truly (that's me) to get your questions answered and help you stay focused on reaching your goals. All calls will be recorded, so you can always catch the replay if you miss a call.


Interactive Lesson Comments

Post your questions in the lesson comments and engage with the course materials in a supportive, growth-minded environment. If you're feeling stuck or looking for clarity, I'll be right there with you answering every question.

You're Protected With My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee


About Alison Testroete

I know what it takes to make something from nothing. Close to 20 years of my life was in pursuit of sport. As a kid, I was on swim, cross country running, and mountain bike teams. At 18, I moved to the Calgary Olympic Oval to train with Canada’s best short track speed skaters. And at 23, I found my passion in road cycling. But it wasn’t until I became a business owner that I understood my value and how to offer it to others.

After pro cycling, I moved to Italy, learned Italian, and started a travel business with next to nothing. I learned how to drive highly targeted traffic to my site and convert visitors into raving fans. With good marketing and genuinely caring about people, you can sell pretty much anything. Starting now. There’s never been a better time to take a stand for what you believe in and lead with purpose as an athlete enterprise.

Athlete to Enterprise is led by Alison Testroete, former professional cyclist, Canadian National Champion, and founder of Lucca Cycling Club.

"Partnering with professional athletes is an important tool we use to build brand awareness. Those who have these skills are invaluable."


Rogier Groen

CEO, Frecious

It's your time to shine

As a modern athlete, you are no longer a performance machine. You have a voice and most importantly, you have a platform. When you can create a business and a brand from the ether, then you control your destiny.

I hope to have the honor of sharing part of your entrepreneurial journey in sport with you.

Athlete to Enterprise is right for you if you...

Are an amateur, elite, or professional athlete.

Are self-motivated and know that you can figure things out with effort and an open mind.

Believe focus, resourcefulness, and hard work are your biggest assets in sport and life.

Are an independent learner who doesn't need a lot of handholding to get things done.

Identify as an action taker committed to getting results.

Know that the skills you develop and relationships you build as an athlete will serve you for life.

Are ready to take control of your finances, your time, and your future.

But not if you...

Prefer 1:1 coaching.

Want advice on contracts, image rights, visas, insurance, taxes, or retirement planning.

Are focused exclusively on your sport and have no desire to deliver value to your fans, sponsors, and supporters.

Need help with image repair and crisis management (the program is designed to be preventative).

Are looking to get paid for passively endorsing a sponsor or any kind of get rich quick scheme to make money online.

Are satisfied with the status quo.


Absolutely not. Athlete to Enterprise is perfect if you're at the beginning of your sports career because it'll train you to think like an entrepreneur. Understanding the business side of sport is an important element in funding your development and turning pro.

Thinking like an entrepreneur means having a can-do, solutions-driven mindset. Regardless of what your future holds, being bold and clever enough to sell your ideas to others in any capacity will undoubtedly bring you the freedom to lead an impactful life.

To follow along with the live course, I recommend spending four hours per week with the course materials and workbook exercises. Plus there's a 60-minute group coaching call each week. All calls will be recorded, so you can always catch the replay if you miss a call.

Alternatively, take things slower and work at your own pace. If you're a student-athlete, working full or part-time, or competing, don't worry. You'll have access to the course materials any time.

No enterprise is built in six weeks. This program requires consistent effort, creativity, risk, and hard work over time. 

Managing your business is every bit as important as your diet and finding the right coach. As a professional athlete, you’re a business owner whether you run the business yourself or outsource it. When you’re intimately involved and educated about all aspects of your sports career, you’ll have more options and be more resilient in the face of adversity. You won’t wind up in the dark or put your fate solely in the hands of others.

I don't cover contracts, image rights, visas, insurance, taxes, or retirement planning. For all legal, tax, or insurance advice, consult a lawyer, an accountant, or a sports agent.

Each enrollment is per person. If you join with your teammate, please enroll separately.

Definitely not. The program is designed for sports with less air-time. If you participate in a lower profile sport, an Olympic sport that's only featured every four years, or identify as the underdog, Athlete to Enterprise exists for you. The content is not gender-specific. All athletes are welcome.

No training program, legendary coach, or latest and greatest sports equipment will work if you don't put in the effort. It's the same for the program. Consistent action, discipline, good judgment, a healthy dose of risk, along with a sound strategy is what it takes to create lasting success.

Athlete to Enterprise provides the know-how and tools to succeed—you get all the credit for following through.

Yes. Athlete to Enterprise is backed with a 100% risk-free guarantee. Participate in the first two modules from the start of the live program. If you discover that Athlete to Enterprise is no longer right for you, I'll refund you in full.

Have another question? Contact me here.