You've got plans and I have pathways.

If you're anything like me, you know you're here to make a difference without counting pennies or wilting away in a swivel chair. You might be wondering if you're cut from elite entrepreneur cloth, but seriously, who is? I've come to know that by merely acting the part, success will creep in like high tide.

Lifes' most fulfilling pursuits are rarely the easiest, but it doesn't always have to be hard—there are ways to shortcut your success, and I'd love to take part.

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Strategic Consulting

Spinning your wheels, in need of inspiration or tight on time? Get rock-solid answers within 75-minutes and save yourself countless hours of high-level research.

Is this you?

You have an idea but overwhelmed on how to take it forward.

It's time to step up your game and bring in more ideal clients.

You're pondering a new service or offer and want an unbiased opinion before you launch.

You have a site and want to measure and increase conversions.

You don't have a site but you're unsure where to start.

You have the Italian dream and keen to get an insiders perspective on what it takes.

You're self motivated, take consistent action and are open to creative solutions.

Not listed here? Try me and I'll honestly let you know if I can help.

How it works + What's included



I'll send you a questionnaire before the session starts, then we hit the ground running. Designed to identify your desired outcome, this step gives me an idea of what problems you're looking to solve and how I can help you.


75-minute consult

Via Zoom, here's when we reverse engineer where you want to be. You'll get actionable strategies and recommendations you can apply in your business immediately. I'll send you call notes and all the steps after the call.


30-minute follow-up

Within 30 days, we'll book a follow-up call to review any other questions, see how things are going or get feedback on the changes you've made. Nothing works unless the work is done, and I want to see you succeed.

A strategic consult is €249. Get started now.

VIP Strategy Intensive

All work and no play makes for a dull business. An enterprise thrives on personality and character- starting with you. Spend a weekend in Italy (or virtually) building financial freedom on your terms, feeling beyond valued for your work, and gaining clarity on how to get where you want to be.

Is this you?

You're intentional about your mission and where you're going.

You attract and bring in the exact types of people you want to serve.

You make informed decisions based on your personal data.

Your offers are in line with your vision and financial goals.

Your business allows for growth- be it a team, more free time, or to support the people and causes that are important to you.

You have a clear plan you're motivated to follow and execute.

How it works + What's included



This is a questionnaire designed to get the process rolling ahead of time so our focus together is on where you're going. Any reconnaissance (or prep calls) needed will be done before our session.


Saturday + Sunday

We dedicate two full days to evolving your business and life. Available in person or virtually, it's all hands on deck steering your ship towards a great blue ocean. We're striving to get more done in a weekend than months of ferociously burning the candle at both ends.



For any questions or clarifications, I'm available over email, SMS, and video message within 30 days of our session. Some things take time to sink in, and I'm here to see that our time together sticks.

A VIP Strategy Intensive is €2199. Available in Lucca, Italy or virtually. Inquire here.

Monthly Coaching

Business is bustling, but are you suddenly working around the clock, wondering how to manage it all? Or maybe you're hustling Monday to Sunday to get your products or services off the ground? Every level you hit in your business calls for a new mindset. I want to see you have dignity achieving what you always knew you were capable of.

Imagine your business and life when:

You're crystal clear on your purpose and what you offer others.

Your work is in front of like-minded people and making real change in their lives.

Your offers are in line with your mission and financial goals.

Your messaging expresses your values, voice, and why people should care.

Your decisions are strategic and based on your personal data.

Your business allows for growth- be it a team, more free time, or to support the people and causes that are important to you.

You believe the impact you're here to make is not only possible but you can envision it for yourself.

You show up fully day-to-day, spiritually, creatively, physically, and in your relationships.

How it works + What's included



If you're not already sure what you want to work on, this process is designed to bring clarity and direction to our work together. You'll send it back before we start so we can dig right into the heart of what matters to you.


Two 2-hour calls/month

Before each call, we'll decide a focus that's relevant to where you are. We spend two hours either doing the work together, setting an outline for future work, or discussing current challenges. Call notes, recommendations, and highlights are sent to you after the call.


Between calls

For questions and situations that come up between calls, I'm available over email, SMS and video message.

Coaching is €897/month (3-month minimum). Inquire here.